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Community Restorative Circles as a Way of Healing from the Pandemic


The pandemic has impacted the entire world adversely. Apart from the loss of life and impact on health, COVID-19 has also had a significant emotional, mental and relational toll.


In a world that we could never have imagined two years ago, each one of is trying to acclimatize to a new reality while also redefining how we relate to our communities.

Virtual restorative circles have been one way for people to come together during this time: to share and be heard in the midst of experiencing loneliness, worry, fear, grief and loss. A safe space and being listened to can offer a strong sense of connection and support, as often happens in circles.


Circles have the potential to be a safe, community-driven space for sharing, connecting as well as receiving support around particular concerns, whether relating to the pandemic or otherwise.

This session will explore how restorative circles have been helpful during the pandemic and their potential as we recover from it.


Since most circles have shifted to the virtual world, this session will discuss tools for holding online circles in effective ways and replicating in-person circles to the best extent possible. The session will explore why circles require to be designed and held in a truly accessible way with a traumainformed as well as anti-oppression approach which accounts for privilege.

While virtual circles have certain challenges, they also have advantages and this session will discuss tools to best utilize these advantages.

11:00 AM

Discussing the AB Prov Courts with Ivan Lacouceur

PRESENTERS: Ivan Ladouceur

Judge Ivan Ladouceur has been a criminal trial lawyer for 24 years and a Judge for 5 years. He was born in Ft. Chipewyan, AB and raised in the traditional Indigenous lifestyle. Join him for a candid conversation as he discusses Restorative Justice and the Alberta Provincial Courts. 


3:30 PM