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Give us the money … please! Grant Proposal Writing

PRESENTERS: Barbara Pedersen

Give us the money … please! To have a funder approve your grant request, start with a well-written funding proposal. During this interactive session, learn ways to tell your story, craft an excellent application, and create a document that gives the information that funders want. Learn the components of an effective funding proposal, top tips for writing proposals, and some of the places to access grant funds. Barb Pedersen will share her ideas and expertise from her 30+ years of writing grant proposals for Alberta-based organizations. Bring your questions!

11:00 AM


PRESENTERS: Annette Stanwick

As the sister of a homicide victim, and as a Freedom Facilitator and Coach,  Annette Stanwick, has discovered the power of attentive listening as offenders share stunning stories of past pain, abuse, abandonment, addiction and shame along with deep unexpressed guilt and remorse for their  criminal activity.  

Annette will share through real-life experiences how gentle guidance and facilitated discussions, without reactions of shock,  judgement and criticism  have resulted in deep meaningful sharing of stories, disclosures and apologies during Surrogate Victim Offender Mediations involving men serving life sentences for murder.  

Those mediation events  created experiences of deep self- reflection and moments of healing and transformation for the offender and deep empathy and understanding for the surrogate that have had long term  and on- going effects.  

In working with more than 250 Lifers through transformational experiences in prisons in Canada and the US, she has the ability to create an atmosphere of trust and safety for the offender, enabling her to ask deep probing questions that empower the offender to reflect on their past and the circumstances leading up to and including their crime, conviction and incarceration. 

She has personally witnessed deep contrition, remorse, regret and transformation  that few are privileged to experience.

1:00 PM

Is Your Program Really Victim Centred?


Restorative justice grounds itself as being a practice that is relational, providing those directly impacted by a criminal office with the opportunity to be active participants in the process of addressing the harms that resulted from the offending behaviour. Victims and survivors of crime are one of the key stakeholders in restorative justice.

Many of the central concerns for victims participating in restorative justice initiatives include the risk of re-victimization or secondary victimization, pressure to participate, safety and confidentiality. Another key concern is that restorative justice often viewed as an offender focused process. Victim centredness is a key element that restorative programs promote.

But what does victim centredness look like and is your program really victim centred? Using her lived experience and background as a victim support worker and victim advocate, Celine will walk workshop participants through the principles of victim centredness. This session will create a thoughtprovoking environment for participants to critically review whether their programs are victim centred.

2:15 PM